This is a library which use getUserMedia and WebRTC to grab the webcam. It analizes the image with imageprocessing.js and extract the location of flashy balls. It can be a nice way to interact with computers. The Wii or PS3 did good as game controllers. kinect is super cool obviously. Augmented gesture is different. It detect objects which are cheap and readily available in our everyday life. You can use kids toy, postit or even dishgloves :) Thus people got easily access to the content, in a pure web vibe.

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Augmented pong

Mini game when augmentedgesture.js is used in a multiplayer game. You controls the rackets of a pong and play with your friends.

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Punch QuakeII Characters

Mini game when augmentedgesture.js is used to punch QuakeII characters. maybe a good workout for geeks :)

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Two hands

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