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Your own three.js project in 3 min!

You will be able to run your own three.js project, in a matter of minutes. With this builder, you can configure your boilerplate to meet your own requirements. It will produce a boilerplate designed for fast bootstrap and good practices. It is Easy and Fast. Try it out!


This is a pre-built template. It has sensible defaults and has been designed for compatibility and efficiency. Most likely, this is what you want.



This builders make the boilerplate quite flexible. If you are an expert, you can fine tune its content until it fits your specific needs.


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This is a builder for a boilerplate for three.js. You can find more doc here. It has been written by Jerome Etienne. It uses jszip , a library which create .zip files with Javascript. Its creates the that you download. It uses downloadify , a small library to create and download files without server. Thus i don't have to run servers, and this makes me happy :) Last but not least, it uses three.js, the javaScript 3d engine that we all love :) Boilerplate Builder for Three.js is on github under MIT license.