tQuery API : three.js + jQuery

Three.js Power + jQuery API Usability

tQuery API is a thin library on top of three.js It is an extension system for people to write plugins. To help them share their code and build on top of each other. It mimics jquery api, well know for its usuability. tQuery API aims for "it should not be harder than playing with lego bricks."

Download Boilerplate Try it Online

Power of Three.js

Three.js is actively developed by a team of skilled developers. It got various rendering backends, importers for most 3D models format. It efficiently abstracts webgl complexity and provides a wide varieties of 3D objects. It got numberous examples 120+.

jQuery API Usability

jQuery API is widely recognized for its usability. It is chained, instinctive and short. jQuery popularity is around 85% of market share. It shows its API is appealing to most developers. Its plugins ecosystem is varied and lively, and contains impressive speciment.

Crazy simple to Learn

tQuery API aims to reproduce the success of jQuery plugin ecosytem by mimicking its API. Thus people who know jQuery will learn tQuery in no time. Thru three.js, they will be be able to reach webgl technology faster than before. Hopefully they will get exited and develop extensions for three.js :)

<!doctype html><title>Minimal tQuery Page</title>
<script src="tquery-bundle.js"></script>
    var world = tQuery.createWorld().boilerplate().start();
    var object = tQuery.createTorus().addTo(world);

You get index.html on the left, and the output on the right. You can try it online with the playground. To get that running on your local computer, First you get boilerplate's files here, then you launch the http server to serve them. Here is a little shell script which does it all.

curl -OL https://github.com/downloads/jeromeetienne/tquery/tqueryboilerplate.zip
unzip tqueryboilerplate.zip
cd tqueryboilerplate
make server

Then open a browser on to see it running. Up to you to modify index.html until it fits your needs. See its code below... Quite short.

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