1.0.1-dev - Current

  • added smoothedControls - everything tunable via parameters
    • it applies LERP for position/quaternion/scale on sub-controls
    • if display controls object3d when sub-controls has been visible for minVisibleDelay
    • if display controls object3d when sub-controls has been unvisible for minUnvisibleDelay
  • did THREEx.ArMarkerHelper to help visualize marker
  • AR-Code generator - see AR-Code Generator
  • liquid markers are in! water tweet - boing tweet
  • marker invisible cloak are in! with tweening and all :) first tweet - video tweet
  • minimal.html just got a little bit cleaner
    • aka the simplest way to do AR on the web
    • or webar in less than 10 lines of html! on codepen
  • finished hole-in-the-wall demo - duck on my desk tweet
  • support preset in a-frame a-marker - preset = ["hiro" | "kanji"]
  • experiementation in dead-reckoning ... not conclusive
  • early work about videoInWebgl - a important componant of phone-in-hmd usecase first tweet
  • better handling of .baseUrl in aframe default parameters
  • fixed artoolkit projection matrix to be more webgl - projection matrix
    • it was looking to positive-z and y was upside down compared to the usual webgl one
  • Change marker axis - now positive-y is normal to the marker
  • Added logo by @tentone - AR.js logo Nice and slick! thanks @tentone
  • Added a-frame logo in AR - aframe-logo.html
  • added a profile discovery. It helps choose the performance tradeoff which fit your case - profile

1.0.0 - AR.js has landed

  • Fixed the resize issue in a-frame!
  • Performance improvement of image copy time by 40%!!!
    • massive improvement in the pose detection time
    • so maxDetectionRate can go way up
  • Improved documentations

0.9.0 - Initial Release

I worked a lot on WebAR. But i recently reached 60fps on mobile phones. so i think WebAR is now ready to be released :)

I will keep the usual branch model

  • stable release on master branch
  • current release on dev branch
  • features in progress on their own branch

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